We specialize in custom aquarium installation and special events such as movies and conventions.

Custom aquariums are available in all shapes and sizes for every type of space. You can customize your tank to fit you home or business specific needs. We also offer custom tanks for movies and conventions. Give Aquatic Specialities a call to schedule an appointment.

Estimates are available on request. Please call 504 443-1576, or CONTACT US for price quote.

“Great work by great people!”
Stephen Bellaire, C.P.A.
I have found Aquatic Specialties to be completely reliable. I will forever be grateful to them for cleaning things up after Katrina with out urging from me.
Randy Fertel
The service personnel at Aquatic Specialties are very knowledgeable and dependable. Also, creative in setting up new tanks. We have grown to be dependent on their services for maintaining our tank and in emergencies.
Debbie Talley
Awesome service! Keith always does a wonderful, consistent job!
Tisbee Manthey
I have owned my aquarium for approximately 10 years, and this is my first salt water aquarium. Chip and the people at Aquatic Specialties were indispensable in helping me set up my tank, choose the right fish for me, and helping to maintain it through all these years. Their professionalism, knowledge and friendliness makes it easy to recommend them to anyone considering an aquarium of any kind.
Charlie Hollinger
My aquarium has never looked so good since you took it over. I have not lost a fish!! It is such a pleasure to watch the fish and know they are well taken care of. Thanks so much!
Jere Glaser