Aquatic Specialties has one of the best selections of marine aquarium fish and invertebrates in New Orleans , as well as freshwater livestock, such as African cichlids and peaceful, community fish. Our fish and corals are responsibly caught, tank raised or propagated in-house.

Reef aquariums are our specialty, with many species of corals being propagated at our location.

We also offer:

Healthy Marine and Freshwater Fish

” Clean-Up” Invertebrates


Pre-mixed Saltwater and R/O water, sold by the gallon

About Aquatic Specialties

Owners Keith Ericksen and Chip Van Geffen have over 50 years of experience in the business of aquarium keeping and are certified scuba divers. We understand how marine-life exists in its natural environment and try to create a healthy environment in our aquarium set ups and through our aquarium maintenance procedures. Contact us today and we will show you a brand new world !


In House Propagated Corals

Including: Euphyllia sp.(Torch, Branch Hammer, Yae Yae ), Discosoma Mushrooms (Red , Blue , Green, Marble, Celestial Blue ) , Pulsing Xenia sp. , Finger Sinularia sp., Green Nepthea sp., Zooanthid sp., Palythoa sp., Caulestrea sp. , Acropora sp., Seriatopora sp.,Montipora sp., Heliopora sp., and more.