Aquatic Specialties has one of the best selections of marine aquarium fish and invertebrates in New Orleans and the country, as well as exotic freshwater aquarium livestock for aquariums or ponds. Our fish and corals are responsibly caught, tank raised or propagated.

Reef aquariums are our specialty, with many species of corals being propagated at our location.

We also offer:

Commercial Aquarium Services

Aquariums for Conventions, Movies & Events

Serving the Greater New Orleans Region

About Aquatic Specialties

Owners Keith Ericksen and Chip Van Geffen have over 50 years of experience in the business of aquarium keeping and are certified scuba divers. There valuable understanding of how marine-life exists in its natural environment is an asset in all aspects of aquarium set up and maintenance.


Maxima Clams, New Frags, and More…

Including : Large T. maxima clams,  Mandarinfish,  (TR) Pinnatus Batfish,  Exquisite Firefish , Haiti Condylactus Anemones,  Pistol Shrimp,  Orange Rhodactis Mushrooms , Blue Sympodium frags ( RARE) , Ultra Rainbow Acan.lord frags,  Blastomussa wellsi corals ( 3-4 polyps ea.) and frags , Ultra Cyphastrea frags,  Geometric Pygmy Hawkfish, Yellow Tangs, Green Bubble Anemones Astrea Snails , Yellow-eye Tang,  Lawnmower Blennies,  Longnose Hawkfish,  Orange Crosshatch Goby,  Royal Grammas,  Nassarius Snails,   Elegant Coral frags ( Aust ) ,  Grade “A” Acan. lord coral frags,  and MORE…