Aquarium Maintenance New Orleans

aquarium maintenance new orleans

Aquatic Specialties Aquarium Maintenance New Orleans has over 40 years of experience in servicing aquariums in the Greater New Orleans area. Currently we service aquariums north of Lake Ponchartrain and on both east and west banks of the Mississippi River.

Routine service would include water exchange, algae cleaning, and filter replacements. Other services performed include custom aquarium installation and special events such as movies and conventions. Estimates are available on request. Please call 504 443-1576, fax 504 443-1847, or email for price quote.


aquarium2We use over forty years of experience to provide a clean, healthy environment for your fish and invertebrates. Our service visits are scheduled weekly, to provide consistent water parameters. In the past we have found that monthly, or bi-weekly visits do not easily achieve this result. In particular, aquariums located in waiting rooms and lobbies are best when serviced weekly, to keep up a clean and polished appearance.


Service will include some/all of the following:aquarium3

  • Water exchange (20%-50%)
  • Gravel vacuuming
  • Algae scrubbing
  • Replacement or rinsing of filter media
  • Maintenance of mechanical pumps/filters
  • Replacement of light bulbs (both fluorescent and germicidal, as needed)
  • Repair/replacement of any broken or non-working parts on pumps/filters

(We do not offer repairs on broken or leaking aquariums)