aquaculture1As a way to conserve the finite supply of live corals found in tropical waters, live coral propagation is the future of our reef-keeping hobby. We at Aquatic Specialties, Inc. have much experience in both hard and soft coral propagation, delving into this advanced aspect of the reef hobby in the late 1990′s. Currently, in addition to the imported selection of corals from the South Pacific and Indonesia, we offer many species of propagated corals, most of which are produced in-house.

Our list of propagated corals include Large Polyped Stony Corals (LPS), Small Polyped Stony Coral (SPS), and many varieties of soft corals, including “mushroom” corals.

We are also in development of pairs of Pterapogon kauderni, the “Bangaii Cardinalfish”, which is notorious for shipping poorly from its natural environment.

Lastly, we grow many species of macroalgaes, such as Caulerpa sp., Chaetomorpha sp., and Ulva sp. among others.

In addition to species that we produce, we also sell propagated species that we purchase from other reputable suppliers in the U.S.A.